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NMR Facility Documents

Training Documents (Note: Training documents are not a substitute for training by Facility staff or GLAs when using a new instrument!)

VnmrJ on the walkup Mercury instruments Hg2, HgBI

VnmrJ on the Siena 400 MR

Automated 500 MHz NMR (Indy) and 300 (Hg3)

Troubleshooting hints for the Inova and Mercury systems

"No-D" NMR (no deuterated solvent)

Quick deuterium NMR

Notes on chemical shift referencing methods

Notes on doing variable temperature experiments

Varian "podcast" tutorials on VnmrJ (350 MB zip file)

Data Retrieval and Analysis

Using Caltech's MestReNova site license

Retrieving current data from the spectrometers and archived data from the server

How to get the highest sensitivity and best shimming on your sample

Text lists of archived spectra

Displaying VnmrJ on your computer

Acknowledging federal grants to the Caltech NMR Facility